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About Jurgensburg Agro

Jurgensburg Agro vision

The centre of organic farming ideas, capacity and innovation in the Baltics, contributing to a growing share of organically certified areas, increasing production, greater benefits and fairer remuneration for farmers.

Who we are?

Organic farmers’ cooperative, bringing together industry professionals – farmers, processors and food professionals with international experience.

We stand for Sustainability and Resilience, which is what it takes to grow a good crop organically, not only to get it from the field to the buyer, but also to the consumer of the processed produce.

Jurgensburg Agro goal

To grow in the constant dynamics, the power of collaboration and the possibilities of modern technology. Our belief in the potential, tomorrow and values of organic farming is not only expressed in profits, but also in respect for society, in farming in a more environmentally friendly and wiser way.

Significant volume of production

A fair return for farmers

Our values

From field to table

The table is the place where the farmer’s field and the eater’s stomach meet. The table is the place where the farmer’s labour is fulfilled, where his love of the land is transformed into new life energy. All over the world, people are willing to pay for organic products, and we are committed to producing them and bringing them to tables in Latvia and elsewhere.

Openness for collaboration and growth

We welcome everyone who wants to live and work with integrity and meaning. We don’t require organic certification, but we welcome anyone who is willing to farm organically and green. We share our experience of sustainable food production with everyone – farmers, policy makers, researchers and scientists, experts in different sectors. We are open to the transfer of global trends, knowledge and information.

Interaction in everything

All is one, and one is all – if a part is good, the whole is good. We understand this interaction as caring for the well-being of members and their families, the development of rural communities and territories, as well as caring for natural diversity and climate change mitigation. This interaction, mutual trust and unity is our potential.

Sustainability as an overarching responsibility

The earth rejects the quick, the careless and the hasty. The Earth accepts what grows and enters in its own rhythm and in its own time. This does not mean slow, but natural and far-sighted. We believe that organic farming is a self-sufficient and profitable industry, that it can meet and exceed the current goals of organic sustainability. The way to get there is through collaboration, new solutions, efficient methods and more young and strong families in the countryside.

“Jurgensburg Agro” has 50 members who are cultivating more than 15 000 ha of certified organic arable lands. We are committed to providing the finest quality organic grains and legumes for consumers worldwide.

Members of “Jurgensburg Agro” are also certified seed and planting material producers, offering a variety of meadow seeds and grain seeds. Using eco-positive farming methods, they produce wholesome, healthy and great tasting products, while improving and protecting the environment for generations to come.

Closest ports:

  • Skulte /85km
  • Rīga /85km
  • Salacgrīva /140km

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