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Jurgensburg Agro management

Our cooperative is represented and managed by industry professionals with experience in agriculture, business and project management. We believe that only through competent, united and focused work it is possible to achieve better results year after year.

General Meeting of Members

The supreme governing and decision-making body of society, which decides on the most important issues:
electing the Council, approving the annual report, distributing profits and developing new business lines.

At the General Meeting, each Member, regardless of the size of the holding and the number of shares held, shall have one vote,
which enables each Member to participate in the management of the cooperative on an equal basis with all others.



The board organises the work of the cooperative

Ringolds Grāpis

Chairman of the Board

  • Twelve years of international sales and marketing management experience in the beer and beverage industry – within the Carlsberg Group
  • Negotiation management with major food chains in Europe
  • Organic beef cattle farm “Pērkonkalna Spēks”


Between General Meetings, the interests of members are represented by the Council

Kaspars Bokta

Chairman of the Council

  • The group of managed companies farms more than 1800 ha of agricultural land – both organically and in an integrated way
  • In 2020, one of the largest organically certified pre-processing complexes in Latvia was built on the farm of “Forest Fox”Ltd
  • Winner of the 2021 Sower Award in the “Organic Farm” category
  • Founder and manager of the hunting and fishing club “Pērkons”, which manages more than 6000 ha of hunting land

Jānis Garančs

Member of the Council

  • The farm Aloja Agro ltd farms 800 ha of organic agricultural land
  • Many years of management experience in food production company A/S “Aloja Starkelsen” – the largest producer of organic potato starch in the world
  • Member of the Board of the Association of Latvian Organic Agriculture (ALOA) and the Organic Processing and Trade Association Europe (OPTA Europe)

Zigmārs Logins

Member of the Council

  • 20 years of experience in organic farming
  • Farm “Ozoliņi ZL” manages 550 ha of organic agricultural land
  • Offers bio grain pre-processing and storage services
  • Winner of the promotion prize of the competition “Sējējs 2015” as the best organic farm