Front page / A new page in the organic farming industry

A new page in the organic farming industry

The Jurgensburg Agro story is based on going back to the roots.

We, like-minded people and industry professionals, are united in our concern for our green earth and the place of the modern man in the countryside. At the core of the Jurgensburg Agro team are farmers, processors and food professionals with international experience. We have created a unified brand to speak convincingly not only to the buyers of Jurgensburg Agro’s crops, but also to the consumers of the processed products.

Jurgensburg Agro’s mission is to help farmers work today and grow tomorrow. Everyone has a job to do. That’s why we are ready to take a lot of the worry off the farmer’s shoulders. Often the organic farmer has to be like a human orchestra: from taking care of the soil to sales, marketing and accounting. We believe that the farmer should focus on ensuring a sustainable quality harvest, while the cooperative will enthusiastically take on the administrative burden and sales.

We want the cooperative to become a one-stop shop for members, where they can deal with all their farm management issues:

  • To sell the produce you grow at a better price by working with companies in Europe
  • Ensure the processing of produce, thus adding significantly more value to the output
  • Optimise farm costs by taking care of the purchase of seeds, fuel and other inputs needed for production
  • Advice on adopting more efficient farming practices
  • Making the organic farmer’s voice heard more clearly, representing farmers’ interests and shaping sector policy in Latvia and Europe

We want to see all farmers who are or are planning to become organic farmers. Together we can!