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Our mission is to offer a one-stop service within the cooperative, helping farmers to work today and grow tomorrow, and to focus on what is most important – sustainable and quality core business in the specific area of organic farming.

Grain pre-processing and storage

We provide

We provide pre-processing at the cooperative’s pre-processing points:

  • Laboratory determination of various quality parameters of grains and legume;
  • Drying of various grains and legumes to baseline;
  • Removal of impurities from various grains and legumes to baseline.

We provide production storage in warehouses set up in cooperation with the largest member farms.

Grain trading

We buy

We buy organic grain-farming production from members and other partners:

  • Grain: oats, wheat, rye, buckwheat;
  • Legumes: yellow and brown peas, field beans.

Equipment rental

We provide

We provide equipment rental services:

  • We collect information on the equipment available to members and provide equipment rental services to optimise the use of each farm’s resources.

Service and spare parts

We offer

We offer equipment servicing:

  • We offer agricultural equipment servicing and spare parts at favourable prices.


We offer

We offer advice from agronomists:

  • We offer agronomic advice to help increase productivity.