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To join the cooperative


Higher price for your
Easear purchase of seeds
and equipment
Professional support and
bigger yields

The physical or legal person wishing to become a member of the cooperative:

  • Pay an entry fee of 100 EUR (excluding VAT)
  • Purchase 1 share for 140 EUR

Submit a written application to the cooperative’s board

Member’s rights:

  • Participate in the management and decision-making of the cooperative by attending general meetings;
  • To provide recommendations and opinions to the management of the cooperative in order to improve the quality of services available to members;
  • To sell and buy production through the cooperative;
  • Use the services provided by the cooperative with member discounts;
  • Receive advice from the Society on organic farming.
  • Receive advice from the Society on organic farming.

Members’ responsibilities:

  • Comply with the cooperative’s statutes and membership rules;
  • To support the realisation of the purpose and objectives of the cooperative through active participation;
  • To provide the Society full and truthful information in a timely manner about planned and actual plantings and yields;
  • Pay the membership fee (3% of the value of the products sold by the cooperative, but not less than EUR 100 per year).

Articles of Association