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A dynamic, growing, modern and strong cooperative that contributes significantly to the development of organic farming while making it even more sustainable


Towards grain processing factory construction

Interview with Kaspars Bokta by Uldis Graudiņš in the May issue of the magazine Agrotops 2024.

Objective – to increase the profit per hectare for the organic farmer

Interview with Ringolds Grāpis by Uldis Graudiņš in the May 2023 magazine “Agrotops”

Everybody will work organically

Interview with Jānis Garančs in the magazine BIOLOGISKI (Organic). April, 2022.

The green future is in cooperation

Opinion article by Ringolds Grapis in the February 2022 issue of BIOLOGICAL magazine.

A new page in the organic farming industry

The Jurgensburg Agro story is based on going back to the roots.


Grain trading

Seed production

Other products

Storage and logistics




Other products

Our services


We buy organic  grain-farming produce from members and other partners:

Grain: oats, wheat, rye, buckwheat;

Legumes: yellow and brown peas, field beans.


We provide pre-processing at the cooperative’s pre-processing points:

Laboratory determination of various quality parameters;

Drying and refining to baseline.


We store production in warehouses set up in cooperation with the largest member farms.

We provide storage capacity up to 20 tonnes;

We assist with logistics and paperwork.

Other services


Machine rent

Service, spare parts,

Legal and administrative assistance for members,

Organisation of joint procurement.

We offer

1.More profitable realisation of production

Realisation of the grown production at more favourable prices through cooperation with buyers/companies in Latvia and Europe

2.Higher added value

Processing, with significantly higher added value

3.Cost optimisation

Unified procurement, infrastructure and logistics solutions, equipment and services

4.More efficient farming methods

Promoting partnerships and good practice, improving organic production methods

5.Representation of interests 

Making the voice of organic farmers heard, shaping and developing policy for the organic sector


Jurgensburg Agro’s mission is to help Latvia’s organic farmers work today and grow tomorrow, taking much of the worry off their shoulders


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